Our Gmail app reaches 500.000 downloads

EcoMerc develops a series of app for the Windows Phone platform. This is part of our strategy to make life easier for Companies and Individuals.

The choice of Windows Phone is because it simply just does make life easier. However, one major drawback is the lack of apps.

  • We have found the platform lacking official apps for Home Security systems, such as Lockon.dk, Intamac, G4S, Risco and the like – so we built one.
  • We found the platform (and actually also Android and iOS, but they are on their own) lacking an app to access the Parent, Teacher and Student platform of the Danish Schoolsystem (MobilIntra) so we made one.
  • We also found that Google decided not to support the platform, except for a small search app.
    Accessing the Gmail website on the Windows Phone browser provides a rather lacking experience, one that many Gmail apps in the Windows Phone store simply provides.

The Gmail app we provide is based on the code that Gmail for iOS uses, it is much cleaner, and more feature rich than any other Gmail client for Windows Phone.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, the Gmail app for Windows by EcoMerc now has a rating of 4 and more stars in almost every store it is represented, and more than 500.000 downloads in total.