Make Meetings Matter

Just a simple top 5 suggestion for any company that wants to better run its meetings:

  1. Is there an actual need for a meeting?

It is important to know if there even is a need for a meeting… Often enough subject covered in meetings could have been easily shared or solved via E-mail or phone call, not needing 5-6 people stuck in a room discussing a 10 minutes subject in one hour.

  1. Not all people need to attend

In any meeting you can usually see that one person or that bunch of people that don’t exactly do anything or contribute in any way in the meeting (usually sitting silently and taking notes) … We need to remember that meetings are resource intensive, meaning they take time out of the already busy schedule of people attending them, so doing nothing depletes the time in a very non-productive way.

  1. Timing is everything

As mentioned above meetings consume time. When deciding upon a meeting, time should be an important factor; Not all meetings need to be 30, 60 or 90 minutes long, sometimes a simple 10 minutes face to face session is more than enough.

  1. Meeting objective

This should be considered one of the golden rules when it comes to meetings. For a meeting to be productive, people attending it need to know what to expect of that meeting, what it is all about. So, before sending out invitations, a meeting objective must be created and an agenda for the meetings, basically the key steps that help to accomplish the meeting objective.

  1. Keep it friendly

People tend to tense up when it comes to attending meetings, there are many reasons why, such as the anxiety of presenting, the overall idea of the meeting scenario, the panic on not making a critical mistake in front of managers or bosses. Stress is never good or productive; the best meetings to be a part of are the ones that don’t actually feel as meetings, make it more open, informal, bring snacks for others, make it friendly.

So, to sum things up, there are many ways to run a meeting, what is your top 5 you want to share?