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I always like to help whenever I can and leave a positive mark in the places I worked and on the people I interact with. I try to always look at things form an outside perspective; and I am a big supporter of creativity and teamwork.

A sales and marketing coordinator, I am in a constant search to better fulfil our clients’ vision and mission; maximizing efficiency within the company for a smooth sail to its objectives.

I graduated from VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark and have 3 years experience in creating, optimizing and implementing growth strategies for companies. My work experience, field of education and an exposure to a grand palette of cultural diversity have given me the opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge but also my passion to help people and organisations find, unlock and maximize new business opportunities.


Want to optimize your meetings and make better use of your time?

Glad to help! Let’s make it happen!

E: vlad@zeal.global