Is your Meeting Culture anarchistic or fascistic?

The work space itself is changing too; first we moved from cubicles to open office and now it seems we are moving back to cubicles (albeit they are now trendy, fabric-covered designer boxes or green-wall solutions). More companies have started to design the work space to reflect their (designed) company culture and never before has the work place been so purposefully designed to impact employee behaviour and make them feel and perform better at work.

So why is it that our meeting culture seems to stay the same? Some organizations are rigid in starting meetings on time. Some teams are great at ending meetings on time. Others start their meetings when everyone’s arrived (which is rarely on time). Many meetings flow over time. Few meetings actually get to the point. Regardless whether the meeting culture is anarchistic or fascistic, ALL MEETINGS are ineffective, time killers sucking the energy out of everyone attending.

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